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May "Hotlines"


 "Fun-filled, humbling annual meeting. Over 700 members registered, 120 of whom were military personnel."  "Check out the highlights of AEC's 81st Annual Meeting." "Alternating Currents featuring Jess Unruh." "Tree trimming and Right-of-way maintenance is underway at AEC.  Davis Tree Service has been contracted to help with this task." "2017 Youth Tour winners announced." "May 4 National Day of Prayer, May 14 Mother's Day, May 20 Armed Forces Day, and May 29 Memorial Day.  Remember to pray for and be thankful for our freedoms, our mothers, our country and the men and women who serve. Also celebrate and honor the memory of those who served who have gone on before us." 


April "Hotlines"


 "Pennies make a difference. Discover how Operation Roundup is funded and how those funds are used to help individuals and organizations." "Alternating Currents, featuring Regina Waugh." "April 10, National Lineman Appreciation Day.  Thank your AEC Linemen who put their lives at risk to keep the power running throughout our communities!" "April 16 is Easter Sunday.  Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with family and friends." 


March "Hotlines"

"Elections in District 5 will be held at a District Meeting at Hawley Fire Dept and District 7 meeting taking place at Aline Senior Community Center. Employees will be at the meetings to help members download SmartHub to their technical devices and answer other questions.  Come enjoy a free meal, vote, and learn more about the latest happenings of your co-op." "March 20th, Youth Tour Banquet. Seven high school juniors from the AEC service area will receive scholarships and trips." "This Hotlines features all of the employees for AEC and AEC Services.  Put a face with a name and learn the job titles of our wonderful employees."